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Paintings gallery




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Paintings canvas oil

The main style of our artworks is bright and dynamic impressionism. All paintings are made in oil on a high quality canvas. Instead of buying unnecessary stuffs it`s better to collect significant symbols of life. At first sight works of art seem to be more expensive than day-to-day requirements. You should believe the people who learn through their experience that quality art is the symbol of success!


Please contact studio we cooperate with many professional artists of Saint Petersburg.


You can choose the plot of the paintings up to your lifestyle. The works of art  should  be suitable for your interior. The genre of the paintings should harmonize with the size of your apartment, with your furniture and with your taste. Classical options of choosing the genre.

  • It is better to buy something romantic for a bedroom :a bright sunset ,a family portrait, an animal poster
  • Still life is more suitable for a kitchen
  • Living room is the place where you can show your taste. A painting should be more delicate. There you can boast of a good dynamic of the original work or of the reproduction made in the impressionism style. A summer landscape.

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30×40, 40×60, 50×60, 50×70


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